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Tropical Style Interior Part 1


Tropical style interior has been popular lately. Furniture company like CB2, Pottery Barn, One Kings Lane etc shows tropical accents all year around.

I myself has been in love with tropical style interior since I had been in NY, where it has totally different lifestyle.

Sure, we can achieve tropical interior style with spending whole $$$$...

However, with some budgets in mind, I came up some ideas to make instant tropical feel

1: Rattan Furniture

We can find Rattan furniture with reasonable pricing from Target, CB2, etc...

Pic from @8digreessouth

Rattan furniture pieces such as chairs and coffee tables like in this picture , instantly create tropical feels even though we have traditional style table or modern style furniture.

pic: @8digreessouth

2: Tropical Plants ( Natural or faux)

Any room instantly gets tropical feel with Tropical plants!

Natural Plants are cheaper than Faux plants. If you can take care of them daily basis,

Natural plants are great to have in your room.

They can clean air too.

If you are not so good for taking care of them, you can have faux plants.

Just keep in mind,

In order to get sophisticated tropical feel, planters are very important!

Pic: CB2

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